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Behavioral Wellness.

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Our Team

Behavior Wellness Program Specialists

Each of our behavior wellness team members brings unique expertise to the program. Our trainers are highly educated and have over 30 years combined dog care and training professional experience. We are confident and prepared to be your go-to team for any behavioral wellness questions or needs.


The Ringleader

Kathrine is a certificant in training and counseling from the renowned Academy for Dog Trainers, an associate certified animal behavior consultant with the IAABC, and a Fear Free certified professional.  She also holds an undergraduate degree in Psychology with an emphasis in animal behavior.

Kathrine is currently involved in the Academy’s Husbandry Project, a team effort to design standardized training plans to create positive vet visits for dogs. Kathrine was motivated to learn husbandry by her first dog, Ginger, who was very fearful of nail trims. Ginger taught her that training to accept handling and husbandry can be just as important to a dog’s quality of life as obedience training.



The Academic

Vanessa holds a Master’s degree in experimental psychology and is our resident expert on scientific research and all things brain-related. She assists in staff training presentations and enjoys engaging audiences with her endless knowledge of canine science. Vanessa is also a graduate of the Karen Pryor Academy for professional dog trainers.



The Medic

Doreen Hardiman is a graduate of the Animal Behavior College and a current freshman in the Academy for Dog Trainers. She is our resident expert on emergency medical care for pets and teaches our classes on pet first aid and CPR. She is a certified PetTech Instructor and enjoys helping individuals and pet care professionals learn how to be confident in emergency situations.


The People Person

Lindsay is our very own Canadian and is the director of business development for Hands Full Dog Training. She is the primary contact for the behavior wellness program and will deliver folders, booklets, our marketing materials, and occasional swag and cookies. Therefore, she is likely to be your favorite team member. It’s ok, she’s our favorite, too!

Our Program

We are excited to have you on board!

As a behavior wellness partner, you will receive these benefits:

Welcome Packets

A monthly supply of elegant new client folders with training tips for puppies and adult dogs. We’ll deliver them right to your door – all at no cost to you.

Behavior Handouts

Keep professional-quality behavior recommendations at your fingertips! Twenty plus handouts available to download and print will help keep your clients satisfied with their dogs.

Staff Education

Increase your vet tech  & staff confidence through quarterly behavior wellness presentations. We introduce new topics yearly and include 1 staff lunch per year, too!

Rescue Support

Adopted dog booklets help owners of newly rescued dogs integrate their pets into their family. Up to fifty a year are included free of charge.

Client Discount

Your clients will receive a promotional code for $15 off any training service. This code may be used once per dog.

Staff Discount

Treat your staff with a promotional code for 20% off training services. This may be used every time they choose to train with Hands Full Dog Training.

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Presentation Topics

Wellness Services

Think beyond obedience. 

Wellness training helps people care for the health of their pets and improves client retention.

We offer these niche services to all of our clients in order to support low-stress vet visits for dogs and humans. We will help your patients enjoy walking in the doors of your clinic.


Dogs can learn to enjoy routine care. We can help dogs remain calm and readily accept the following:

  • nail trimming
  • brushing & dematting
  • clipping & blow-drying
  • toothbrushing
  • wearing head halters
  • wearing a muzzle

Vet Visits

Going to the vet can be stressful for dogs. We offer preventative and rehabilitative training for owners who would like their dogs to behave politely at the vet office. Services include:

  • muzzle training
  • accepting restraint
  • stationing for interventions
  • overcoming fear of clinic

We offer these services with veterinarian approval only, as they will require limited use of an exam room.

Puppy Wellness

New puppies are very impressionable! You can make an impact in the first weeks by teaching puppies to enjoy handling and care. This program includes proactive training on:

  • nail trimming
  • grooming
  • toothbrushing
  • restraint
  • settling at the clinic
  • enjoying the exam room
  • stationing for procedures

In-clinic services offered with veterinarian approval only, as they will require limited use of an exam room.

PetSaver™ Classes

Would your clients know what to do in an emergency?

In this course, students will learn the latest veterinarian-approved pet First Aid and CPR protocols including:

  • snout-to-tail wellness and trauma assessment
  • how to check a dog’s vitals
  • emergency restraining and muzzling
  • rescue breathing
  • choking management
  • fractures, bleeding & shock management
  • care for heatstroke, frostbite, poisoning, and seizures
  • handling snakebites and insect bites & stings
  • senior pet care

This class is 5.5 hours and includes a 40+ page handbook.  Attendees will receive a certificate.

Due to licensing agreements, we are unable to offer a discount on the PetTech programs.

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